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The solution for Cluster with Win2k AS

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

The solution for Cluster with Win2k AS

I have tried many and many times before finding solution.

I use actually a Smartstart v 4.80. I had the same problems : Win2k on node
2 doesn't want to start if node1 is powered on. the second node to come
online seems to have GREAT difficulties negotiating access to the shared
disk cabinet.

I notice that I have no problem if the LUN on CR3500 shared disks is not I have installed Windows AS 2k on node1, set all IP, domain
name etc... (not cluster service for the moment) but I don't USE CR3500
utility !!!! I do the same for the second node.... no problem. Both nodes
are up now.
but when I try to create the LUN on shared disks on first node, it is
impossible ... it returns the same problem.
so for conclusion... I am sure it was the CR3500 utility i used, who does
not support Windows AS 2k (v 1.3)!!!
so I find at this link the last CR3500 utility for Windows AS 2k (v 1.4)

So just uninstall the component CR3500 utility installed on your system and
install the new version you've downloaded

It works now properly, you can create your LUN on shared disks and install
cluster service on each server.
why does it make so much mess with v1.3 ?... I don't know...

PS : does smartstart v 4.90 include CR3500 utility v.1.4 ??
smartstart v4.80 don't...

hope it helps you. Francois.

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