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Thermal Problems

Francisco Reynaga
Occasional Contributor

Thermal Problems

I have 4 servers DL360 G4 and they constantly restart with the thermal threshold, is there any option to change it? Or any patch or update to apply to avoid the restart
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Thermal Problems

You can't change the threshold but you can change the behavior from shutdown to notify in RBSU. See attachment.

You really need to question what's going on, and if it is crossing the threshold erroneously or not. What are the readings on the environment link on the Systems Management Homepage? Are they close to the thresholds? If not, you may have a problem, possibly a hardware problem.

You need to check that the ambient temperature in the room is within the specs and that sufficient airflow can go through the unit. Not enough clearance on front or back or a blocked airflow (like a rack door that's insufficiently aerated) can cause problems.