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Thermal Sensor Locations

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Thermal Sensor Locations


We have a server that has the following entry in it's system event logs:

"The temperature (thermal sensor #1) of the system has exceeded the threshold."

-and also-

"System Information Agent: Health: A Temperature Sensor Condition has been set to degraded. The system may or may not shutdown depending on the state of the thermal degraded action value '3'.
Chassis: '0'; Location: '3'
(Thermal degraded action values: 1=other, 2=continue, 3=shutdown)
(Location values: 1=other, 2=unknown, 3=system, 4=system board, 5=I/O board, 6=CPU, 7=memory, 8=storage, 9=removable media, 10=power supply, 11=ambient, 12=chassis, 13=bridge card)

Unfortunately, location #1 is listed as 'other' and doesn't provide any clear indication of where the issue has occurred. I have also used the HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Viewer and the HP System Management Homepage to try and pinpoint where the problem is.

Any advice on troubleshooting this issue for our client before they have any future issues with overheating would be most appreciated.
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Re: Thermal Sensor Locations

The System Management Homepage should show you where the sensor is. Try going to System, Cooling and Temperature, it should be a little more specific.