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Thermoregulation on DL380 G3

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Thermoregulation on DL380 G3


I would like to know if the DL380 G3 is able to regulate automatically the speed of ventilators according to the temperature.
If yes, I did not manage to activate this function, because I do not know where to look.
Is it necessary to install a specific RMP ( and which?

Thank you!



J'aimerais savoir si le DL380 G3 est capable de réguler automatiquement la vitesse des ventilateurs en fonction de la température.
Si oui, je n'ai pas réussi à activer cette fonction, car je ne sais pas où chercher.
Faut-il installer un RMP spécifique ( et lequel ?

Merci !
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Re: Thermoregulation on DL380 G3


Select "Download drivers and software (and firmware)", type in "DL380 G3". The next two pages will typically ask you to confirm the exact server model (a standard DL380 or one of the various package deals), and to select your OS. Then you'll be sent to a page that has all the latest downloadables for your server and OS.

If I recall correctly, the DL380 G3 requires at least one RPM to make the fans runs at anything other than maximum speed. The fans will always run at full speed when the system boots up, and if the appropriate driver is not installed, will run at full speed all the time.

The correct RPM will be either "hpasm" or "hp-health", depending on your Linux distribution and version.