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Toshiba hard drives not detected

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Toshiba hard drives not detected

Hello folks,

I recently got myself a HP Proliant server Gen 8. I Installed 4 hard drives, all Toshiba's HDWD130's of 3 TB each. I booted the NAS and installed FREENAS on a USB-stick. Freenas only detected two hard drives however. I checked in the ACU and same there: only 2 drivers were detected. I don't understand why this happens.

Things i've tried so far:

- I've tested each drive in my desktop running Windows 10. Each drive is detected under Disk Management as unnalocated space, which means the drives are fine.

- I've tested each drive bay separately with one hard drive in there. It gets detected by ACU.

This means I do not believe it is a hardware error of some sort. All drives and all bays are working the way they should.

I've been switching drives around, tried with 2, 3 or 4 drives at once, only 2 of them get detected when there 3 or 4 in the drive bays by the ACU.

What am I missing here?

- Do I need to update the array controller? Maybe it cannot detect more than two drives for whatever reason?
- Do I need Toshiba drivers of some sort? Seems unlikely though...
- Do I need to format the drives and make logical drives of them? Still, it would not make sense because the ACU can discover two drives
- Is it because I'm not using HP hard drives? If that would be the case it does not make sense for the same reason above
- Maybe I need to remove the USB-stick to check if its conflicting with the ACU not being able to discover the 2 other drives?

I hope someone can help me out!




Re: Toshiba hard drives not detected


Third party or Non-HPE hard drives are not supported and that could be because HPE hardwares like Smart Array Controller/iLO/BIOS will not be able to recognise Non-HPE hard drives and report issues because Non-HPE hard drives does not have HPE firmware.

You may also refer to this Notice.

"Other drive vendors may indicate that their product is "equivalent to" or "compatible with" certain HPE systems or kit part numbers. This is not an endorsement from HPE. There have been no tests performed by HPE using other drives, and HPE will not warrant a non-HPE kit. Additionally, if a system is damaged as a direct result of the non-HPE product, the warranty of the whole system can be negated."

Thank You!
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Re: Toshiba hard drives not detected


The issue I had has been resolved. Seems I had received two faulty drives. i ordered 2 new ones and now all the drives are detected and are working as they should.