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Transfer disk between two ESX Server (DL385)

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Transfer disk between two ESX Server (DL385)

Hi guys,

Currently, I have my ESX server (DL385) with a logical of 2 x 72GB HDD created as RAID 0. This logical drive is the VMFS datastore which contains all my VM images. Due to some maintaince required on this server, I need to transfer this 2 disks over to another DL385 also installed with ESX. Can I achieve this without data loss? Will the ESX still recognize the 2 disks as a logical drive with RAID 0?

Appreciate your advice and thanks in advance!



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Thomas J. Harrold
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Re: Transfer disk between two ESX Server (DL385)

Wow, interesting situation.

I would never recommend raid0, unless you like recovering data from tape at some point.

That being said, I *believe* that proliant servers will recognize when raided disks are moved from one server to another, so long as the controllers are similar/same.

It's an easy test: power off your ESX server, and move the drives, and see if the new server reconizes the raid set, and boots. (you'll know at the firmware prompt - press F8 when prompted, and view the logical drive configuration)

If the disks are not recognized, move them back to the original server, and go to plan B. (migrate data)

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Steven Clementi
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Re: Transfer disk between two ESX Server (DL385)

Most, if not all Smart Array controllers store they disk configuration on the disks themselves. This allows you to freely move/migrate to different servers/storage configuration.

You should be able, like stated, power down, remove the drives, replace into other server and power up... and still have an array with 2 drives with a RAID0 Logical Drive on it.

Steven Clementi
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