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Tricks for unracking a DL360 G5?

RJ Bruce
Occasional Advisor

Tricks for unracking a DL360 G5?

I need to move one of my DL360s to another physical rack. It's currently racked with a bunch of other servers and I have DL360s above and below it.

I can get the server out just fine, but I can't get the rails to come out. If I had access from above or below, I could push in the little tabs to release, but I can't fit my fingers between the rail I'm trying to remove and the rail above.

Anyone come up with tricks to doing this?
Alexis Novik
Frequent Advisor

Re: Tricks for unracking a DL360 G5?

Hi, Bruce!

All you need is to push two thin metal levers on the right and left. Then pull it and remove.
RJ Bruce
Occasional Advisor

Re: Tricks for unracking a DL360 G5?

Yeah, the problem is I can't get to the outside of the rails to push in those little guys. If there weren't other servers above and below, I'd be fine.

I'm hoping somebody has a trick for jamming a screwdriver in somewhere that magically releases/compresses those tabs.
Super Advisor

Re: Tricks for unracking a DL360 G5?

Move the server below forward so you get more
room.Make sure you have enough sack on the cables.

I had a similar problem resolved it by doing above.

Also you might have to use some force by waving the rails side to then pull out.

Realign the rails again it should be fine.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Tricks for unracking a DL360 G5?


The new 1U rails are a real pain in the rear for this kind of thing.

I've had great success using a common can/bottle opener. The bend in the pointy bit is exactly what you need to get under the rail and pop the levers (wish there was only ONE lever here, HP, the second bit gets hung up all the time).

I'd recommend taking out the back part first. This gives you a bit of leverage with the front part, which will have much less room.

Good luck, this is not easy to do!