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Trying to deploy an FFU image to a ProLiant DL20 gen10

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Trying to deploy an FFU image to a ProLiant DL20 gen10

I am new to HP servers and getting ready to deploy some ProLiant DL20 gen10s. Previously, I would boot to WinPE and use DISM to deploy a "golden" ffu image. I have been unable to "slipstream" the RAID controller (via SPP) into the process. So, seeing that I have to do this dozens of times, Id really rather not use the "Express" setup for each...thats the only way Ive been able to successfully build one of these servers. Help!


Re: Trying to deploy an FFU image to a ProLiant DL20 gen10

Dear User,


RESTful Interface Tool
The RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) is a scripting tool that allows you to automate HPE server
management tasks. It provides a set of simplified commands that take advantage of the iLO RESTful API. You
can install the tool on your computer for remote use or install it locally on a server with a Windows or Linux
Operating System. The RESTful Interface Tool offers an interactive mode, a scriptable mode, and a file-based
mode similar to CONREP to help decrease automation times.
For more information, see the following website:

Scripting Toolkit for Windows and Linux

The STK for Windows and Linux is a server deployment product that delivers an unattended automated
installation for high-volume server deployments. The STK is designed to support ProLiant servers. The toolkit
includes a modular set of utilities and important documentation that describes how to apply these tools to
build an automated server deployment process.
The STK provides a flexible way to create standard server configuration scripts. These scripts are used to
automate many of the manual steps in the server configuration process. This automated server configuration
process cuts time from each deployment, making it possible to scale rapid, high-volume server deployments.
For more information or to download the STK, see the

Please write back for any further clarifications.

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