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Turn down Processors for energy savings

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Turn down Processors for energy savings

We are running all ProLiant ML, DL, and blade servers. Is there a way to configure them so that we can throttle down the CPUs during off times? Thanks!
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Re: Turn down Processors for energy savings

Proliants tend to do that automatically (Power Regulator for ProLiant). You can leave it be on dynamic power saving option or manually force it to lowest CPU states.

Power Regulator for ProLiant

This feature enables dynamic modification of the processors' frequency and voltage levels based on operating conditions to provide power savings with minimal affect to performance. Processors that support the power savings mode feature have predefined voltage and frequency states known as p-states. Power Savings mode is not available on all processor models. To determine which processors are supported, consult the Power Regulator website at
Software is able to dynamically switch the processor from one p-state to another. Modifying the processor p-state based on CPU utilization enables significant power savings with minimal performance reduction by reducing the voltage and frequency on the processor when the system is idle and vice versa.

Enable HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode: Allows the system to dynamically set the power level based on operating conditions.
Enable HP Static Low Power Mode: Sets the processor to minimum power (the lowest supported p-state all the time).
Enable HP Static High Performance Mode: Sets the processor to the highest supported p-state in order to achieve maximum performance.
Enable OS Control Mode: Sets the processor to the highest supported p-state (maximum power).

Click the apply button in the Power Regulator section to invoke the selected settings. Servers also allow modifications of the Power Regulator for ProLiant settings via the system ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU). Please consult your system's user guide for information. A reboot of the server may be required to invoke changes to the Power Regulator setting.

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Re: Turn down Processors for energy savings

Our servers support this setting either through the iLO or the RBSU. Do you recommend setting this in one way over another? Are they interdependent, or will the iLO pick up the setting from the BIOS and vice versa?