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Two questions about DL380 G5

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Two questions about DL380 G5

1st queston:

PCIe Version 2 was ratified in 2007.

Are the PCIe slots in this server PCIe version 1 or version 2 ?

The specs I read say it is compliant with version 1 but does not specify if they are version 2 slots.


2nd question:

I have the P400 controller which specifies 2 internal port connectors here: DL380 G5 specs 

"SAS Connectors: 2 internal (SFF8484) x4 wide port connectors"


I need to hook up an external drive enclosure (something like a SansDigital ES104) and would like to use the P400 controller's SFF8484 port. Is this possible? It would mean running a cable out the back to the external enclosure. I'd like to know if this is a completely deranged way of thinking. :smileyhappy: The alternative is to get a card with an external interface (adaptec RAID of some sort perhaps) and hook up the array that way.


Weird questions I guess but please help!





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Re: Two questions about DL380 G5

I found the answer to the external drive question here

It does not support external drives.


Will the Smart Array P400 support external drives?
No. The Smart Array P400 has 8, 3Gb SAS ports supporting two internal connections using the controllers x4 Wide SAS Ports.