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UEFI Support in ML10 v2?

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UEFI Support in ML10 v2?


I Buyed me a Hp ProLiant ML10 v2 Server and will install Win Server 2012 R2 Essential in UEFI Mode.

I have 2 x 3 TB HDDs wich i will set in RAID 1 with the B120i RAID-Controller.

I found out so far, that to make the RAID 1 Array need to boot from HP SSA Disk. So far ok, make it.

But the Server start only in Legacy Mode - no EFI no UEFI. So the disk are in MBR what is completely useles for 3TB Disk. 

Is it possible that ML10 has no UEFI BIOS?! In Year 2015?!

If i'm wrong (i hope), is there someon how know where in BIOS are the settings to switch in UEFI-Mode or... how to change the mode otherwise?

Very Very Thanks!!!


Re: UEFI Support in ML10 v2?


ML10 v2 does not support UEFI.  It uses Legacy BIOS.

Instead of using the whole 3TB as a single partition, create two partition, one for OS and other for Data.

Thank You!
I am a HPE employee
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Re: UEFI Support in ML10 v2?

Well this is not exactly correct. 

I Can not make one Partition for OS, for example 500GB, and 2,5Gb for data - this is impossible with a legacy bios and MBR-Hdd.

At 2,2Gb is Stop. I must make 3 partition... 500 + ~1,7 + 759 GB.

This is ridicolus. In year 2015, server has not UEFI Support?! Every 27 Euro Mainboard has it...

We are talking about Server, were will be normal to install HDD over 2TB size. If it was a Workstattion - ok, may be this is not so neccessar and Hp can let away the UEFI implementation. But in Server?!

Thank You for you answer, the confirmation of my fears help me further. But i must say that i will never again buy HP Server! I'm sorry but you MUST write on you Description celarly that there is no UEFI support! Everything else is close to fraud. IMHO.

Thank You very much for the Answer!