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UEFI for mL 310 gen 2?

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UEFI for mL 310 gen 2?

Hello plese help, is any possibility to set up UEFI  with any rompaq  update for hp proliant ML310 gen 2?

problem with array. cannot set more than 2TB place, i´ve installed 4x4TB hp SATA discs and cannot use them. 

PLEEEASE....  or how to resolve this problem with any trick---- 

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Re: UEFI for mL 310 gen 2?

Gen2? How old is it? 10Years or 15 years? No way, UEFI started with Gen9!


However, you can create logical drives smaller than 2TB.


I doubt the controller will support that large drives anyway.

Hope this helps!

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Re: UEFI for mL 310 gen 2?

Hi @pavolstolarik ,

As far as I know, such old ROMs by design might not be capable or supported for such operations. Also can end up with other collateral damages.  The server documentation also does not support such storage capacity. 

So, even if you find a probable option, I personally suggest not to try it and hence avoid permanent damage to the motherboard chipset  


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