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[UPGRADE] From Win2012R2x64 To Win2016x64 | Model HP ProLiant ML150 G3 - Getting a black screen!


[UPGRADE] From Win2012R2x64 To Win2016x64 | Model HP ProLiant ML150 G3 - Getting a black screen!

Hello Everyone,

I am confused on why my Microsoft Windows Server 2016 64-Bit Standard Edition doesn't get installed on my HP ProLiant ML150 G3.

I've tried it via a USB Key and 8GB DVD but both do the same exact thing. It loads at the beginning and I start seeing the blue windows logo but just a few moments later... black screen, pitch black screen. I've waited several minutes without seeing anything and I fail to understand what is happening.

My Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-Bit Standard installs without any problem but this 2016... I have no clue because there is no errors and nothing showing on the screen.

The HDD setup are done via the HP Smart Array E200 RAID 1+0 with 6x300GB SAS 15K. They are all working perfectly and my firmware on my controller is now 1.82 as I had issues with 1.86 so I am not touching it.

Can anyone explain to me what is happening or what am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much and good day!


Re: MS Win2016x64 - HPML150G3 - BLACK SCREEN

Hello Again,

This time I installed Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 Standard 64-Bit and once the Operating System was up, I ran the SETUP.EXE of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard 64-Bit.

It took the installation until the rebooted.  *Sad Face Crying* (ToT)

Again I would see the Window Logo at the beginning and the dots going around and around but after a few turns of those dots, the screen just went blank again. Same thing if I were to boot directly from the USB or DVD and there is ZERO activity on the SAS's drive, all LED's remain active solid.

Rebooted the computer F8 into Safe Mode, it started to load the files but it rebooted on it's own and now I am back on my Win2008R2x64. Like if nothing happened!?!?!


I'll try: Run: <CD-disk>:\setup /compat ignorewarning and see if it works. I've selected the Win2016 Desktop version with the udpates and disabled end-point protection.

Hope this works out but there is another way, upgrade from 2008 to 2012 and from 2012 to 2016 but I haven't tried that yet. Talk about buying licenses after licenses just for this setup.

Re: MS Win2016x64 - HPML150G3 - BLACK SCREEN

Hello Again,

I've tested via a VMware from Win2008R2x64SE to upgraded to Win2016x64SE and it works!!! Now why isn't working on the bloody ML150 G3 system itself instead on the VMware?

Re: MS Win2016x64 - HPML150G3 - BLACK SCREEN

Hello Everyone,

I was finally able to upgrade from Windows 2008R2 64-Bit to Windows 2012R2 64-But but got the same problem trying to upgrade to Windows 2016.

The moment it goes into the first reboot it loads the Windows Logo, I see the dots moving around and then the screen turn dark and all my 6 SAS drives blink all together in sync ever seconds without any further activities.

I've removed/uninstall the Matrox Drive and removed/uninstall the USB Floppy drive which that fixed my ability to install Windows 2012 but this time this trick does not work for Windows 2016.

Any ideas?

Thank you and goodd day!