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UPS T2400h problem

Max Anziutti
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UPS T2400h problem

we've two different compaq servers protected by two ups T2400h, windows nt 4.0 server SP6a and w2k server service pack 3, we are using compaq power manager that shipped with ups cd (version is 1.80). The problem is that on both servers after a power failure if the power is restored the system shutdown is not stopped and the server goes down (!!!). On the power manager log there is also a "utility ground failure" warning on both servers on different buildings (we have double checked all electrical stuff and there is nothing wrong with it).
Any idea??

Thanks in advance


Re: UPS T2400h problem


I guess you've already found the problem by now but if anyone has similar problems, I'd try LanSafe Software to see if it's a software or hardware issue. Same serial cable works with all the software variants.

The "utility ground failure" is probably indicating a voltage between the neutral and ground wires, or a voltage differential between the ground pin and the rack chasis. You said you checked all that anyway.

My problem is that my T2400h "bucks" down to 210V when only 239V input is detected. This is not good for our 220-240VAC rated equipment!!! Would appreciate anyone who can supply a copy of the user guide so I can check settings are 240VAC not 230VAC.

Cheers from Oz.
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Re: UPS T2400h problem

For those following this thread after me, I did find the information and have attached an extract of the manual here.

Search for T1500h UPS also for more information on this series.
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