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UPS battery still discharging after power restore

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UPS battery still discharging after power restore

I'm currently implementing a power secured solution with 2 R3000 UPS with an UPS network management module for each of them
I manage to controll server shutdown with the HP Power remote agent with no problem
What I cannot understand is the following :
when we do a test and remove the power cables from the UPSes, battery capacity goes down as normal, then servers shutdown correctly using the agent and the settings, but when we restore the power source to these UPSes, the battery capacity still decreases for a time between 5 and 10 minutes, then begins to charge again. During this period, we could have the battery completely discharged and we don't really konw what will happen it this case.

Is this a normal behaviour or do we have a problem with our battery/management module ?

I cannot find any explanation in a user guide or another document. I've searched the forums for this explanation, but with no luck.

Can somebody help me understand please ?

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Re: UPS battery still discharging after power restore


Were you able to find out any information about this?