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[URGENT] HP ProLiant uncompatible HDD and a pop and burnt smell


[URGENT] HP ProLiant uncompatible HDD and a pop and burnt smell



One of the employees got their hands on at our fileserver, which is the HP ProLiant ML350G5. The machine made a pop sound and a smell of something burnt came out. When I arrived at the scene, the machine was blinking the red light on the front panel, 2nd to top light. I removed the uncompatible HDD from the machine and booted it up, it seems fine, and all lights are green, even the light that blinked red. I see damage on the uncompatible HDD and it has a melted circuit board on it with the burnt smell. Is the machine usable, as in the state before the HDD was installed? Everything seems to work like it worked before, with the exception of the burnt HDD, I have tested that the dock where the HDD was and it is working good. Should I consider any further actions towards the machine, as in repair etc.


Can I leave the machine running overnight without fearing it setting up our offices on fire?


Best Regards,

Arttu M.

IT Manager


Re: [URGENT] HP ProLiant uncompatible HDD and a pop and burnt smell


I would recommend to perform a diagnostic from Smart Start CD.
You can run Insight Diagnostics and Array Diagnostics just to make sure all hardware is good.