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USB 3.0 ports for HP DL380p G8

Andy Haigh_1
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USB 3.0 ports for HP DL380p G8

We are trying to add some USB 3.0 ports to a DL380p G8 and firstly tried using the HP Part QT587AA, USB3.0 2X2 Port PCIE card.  The card is seen by the server and OS but seems to require us to provide power to work and get it to see external devices. The cables provided to provide power won't connect.  Looking at the HP Product Bulletin there is no HP part listed for the G8 to provide USB 3.0.


What are people doing to get USB 3.0 ports into these servers?


Still a bit bemused as to why there are so many USB 2.0 ports but no USB 3.0 ports in these new machines?






Re: USB 3.0 ports for HP DL380p G8



HP USB 3.0 4-port SuperSpeed PCIe x1 Card - QT587AA, is designed or compatible with Commercial Desktops and some WorkStations.


The card requires extra power, so it will take power from an available SATA connector and I guess the server wont have such empty connectors.


HP SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe x1 Card User Guide
Refer to page# 4 to 6


As far as I know, HP does not have any compatible USB 3.0 cards for its server platform.


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Re: USB 3.0 ports for HP DL380p G8



The CD/DVD drive used in the G8 series is a SATA drive. The document that was attached in the previous reply shows two ways to connect the cable.


Is it possible for you to access the power cable used for the CD/DVD drive and connect it in there? or at the other end of the cable where it connects into the system board?


Just a thought..




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Re: USB 3.0 ports for HP DL380p G8

Sorry to revive an old thread; Andy did you have success with the QT587AA in the DL380p?

I've added a Startech card but it causes fans 4, 5 & 6 to ramp up to almost 50% continuously, which is too noisy for our environment.

This is "by-design" if the DL380 can't get thermal information from the add-in card.

Did you experience the Fans ramping up with the QT587AA?

Thanks in advance,