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USB Boot - Proliant DL380 G4

Mike Rowland_1
Occasional Visitor

USB Boot - Proliant DL380 G4

We are endeavouring to set up booting the above server using a 2Mb pen drive. We format and prepare the drive using the HPDKBU, but the machine will not boot from it.. If however we reduce the partition size on the pen drive to 1Gb, it boots fine.

Is there any way around this apparent size limitation?

nancy rickard
Occasional Advisor

Re: USB Boot - Proliant DL380 G4

Hi Mike,

Did you find a solution to this? I'm having a problem booting a DL140 from a USB key and was hoping this might relate.


Re: USB Boot - Proliant DL380 G4

Hi Nancy,

To make the HP Drive Key a bootable device on a ProLiant DL140 server; the following items are required:

A bootable DOS diskette containing the FORMAT.COM and SYS.COM programs.
A USB Floppy Drive that is supported on the HP ProLiant DL140 server.
An HP Drive Key that is supported on the HP ProLiant DL140 server.
Verify that the ProLiant DL140 server is powered off.

Insert the HP Drive Key into one of the available USB ports.
Insert the DOS boot disk into the USB floppy drive and insert the drive cable into one of the available USB ports.
Power on the server. By default, the server will boot from the USB floppy drive.
Note: If the server does not boot from the USB floppy,
check the boot order setting in the BIOS by pressing the Delete key when prompted during POST.
At the A:\ prompt, type SYS B: and press the Enter key. The system files will be transferred to the Drive Key.
If an error is encountered, the Drive Key may not be formatted correctly.
Reformat the Drive Key by typing the command FORMAT B: /S and pressing the Enter key.

Important: If an error is encountered after this step, check all USB ports for additional storage devices.
If any are found, remove them, reboot the computer, and start over. If none are found, the Drive Key is defective.
Do not proceed in attempting to make the Drive Key bootable.

I hope this answer your question.

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