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USE DL350G5 processor kit in a DL380G5??

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USE DL350G5 processor kit in a DL380G5??

I've two 435512-B21 Xeon Quad Core 532 and two 435513-B21 Xeon Quad Core 531 processor Kits for DL350. Is possible to use these processors in a DL380G5 (433527-001 or 417456-001) directly or using some adaptor or hack?

Thansk for your comments
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Re: USE DL350G5 processor kit in a DL380G5??

DL350? The website identifies your processor kits as belonging to _ML_350 G5. The distinction is important, as it means the chassis is very different.

The actual processor should be usable as-is (both servers can use the same processor models), but the heat sink of a ML350 G5 seems to be too tall to fit in a DL380 G5, and the heat sink attachment system is different. You'll need heat sinks designed specifically for a DL380 G5.

Using wrong heat sinks is likely to void your warranty and/or support agreement. In a low-profile server like the DL380 series, the wrong type of heat sink might not cool the processor enough with the available airflow, or the airflow resistance of heat sink might not be suitable (too much resistance to airflow -> the processor won't receive enough cooling, too little -> the processor gets plenty of cooling, but some other part does not get enough).

You'll also need the correct Processor Power Modules (PPMs). They are usually keyed so that the wrong ones simply won't fit, and there is not enough space in a DL380G5 for any adaptors.

If your ML350G5 processor kits are unused, HP can probably take them back and refund you/give you credit for getting the correct processor kits for DL380G5s.