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Ubuntu kernel problems on a DL320 G5

Anders Flyndersøe
Occasional Visitor

Ubuntu kernel problems on a DL320 G5

I have problem booting a fresh install of Ubuntu (x86) 6.06.1 on a Proliant DL 320 G5 Xeon 2.4GHz

I can boot a 2.6.15-26 kernel _only_ if I add the following kernel parameters: acpi=off nolapic nosmp

If I do not have these paramters the machine resets as soon as the "Booting Kernel" part is reached

I tried upgrading to the newest 2.6.15-28 kernel but it wont boot with any of parameters

So now the system acts like a single cpu unit!

We have another DL320 G5 Xeon (only 2.13Ghz) which doesnt have any of these problems at all

Any help is greatly appreciated
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Ubuntu kernel problems on a DL320 G5

Ubuntu isn't tested and no 'enablement' for Ubuntu is provided by HP, but since Ubuntu is based on Debian, you might benefit from some of the documents/downloads available from --> ProLiant Servers