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Ultra 320 SCSI adaptor

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Ultra 320 SCSI adaptor

For supporting the external tape backup, I'll install Ultra 320 SCSI adaptor on the server. This adaptor comes with two flavors: dual and sigle channels.

1)Which kind should I use?

2)What is the functional difference betwee the dual and single, or why should use one over the other?

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultra 320 SCSI adaptor


1. It depends on what devices you will be using with the adaptor. In some cases, HP recommends you use, or requires you to use, different channels to accomadate different devices. Generally speaking, you can attach multiple devices to a single channel and all will work just fine.

Sometimes you can only attach one particular devices to a single channel and need a second channel for other devices.

2. Functionally, they are the same. Dual channel usually handles double the amount of devices that a single channel adaptor can handle.

If you are in a situation where you have 2 SCSI devices and you absolutely do not want the data transfer on one channel to interfere with the data transfer to another device, the you may want a dual channel card, or even dual single channel cards.

For some redundancy, you can use 2 separate single channel cards so that if 1 fails, all your scsi devices do not go offline.

Steven Clementi
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