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UnBind HP Network Config Utility

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Andrew Wise
Occasional Contributor

UnBind HP Network Config Utility

Is it possible to "unbind" the HP Network Config Utility from a NIC? I have a DL360 G3 with Windows 2003 and a 3rd party GB NIC in one of the PCI slots and the HP Network Configuration Utility shows up as enabled "bound/checked" when you look at the properties of the NIC. It doesnt show up when I open the utility but it appears to be causing some intermittent issues with the NIC and I would like to "unbind" it since it cant manage it anyway.

I appreciate any help!
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: UnBind HP Network Config Utility

Hi Andrew:

If you are not usning the Network and teaming config then you can uninstall it;
but you don't need to unbind it;

if you are having issues; I would downloaded latest driver for nic cards and latest Network and confg.

1- uninstall Network config
2- uninstall Tcp/IP
3- uninstall Nic drivers
4- Reboot
5- reinstall tcp/ip
6- reinstall nic drivers
7- reinstalll network and config.

Here is a good customer advisory from hp will explain the bind and unbind of the network.

customer advisory EM011205_CW03 revision 0
released February 2002


The software is performing as designed. No functional or performance related issues occur since the Network Teaming and Configuration protocol cannot be bound or unbound using the Local Area Connection property sheet. When the protocol check box is enabled and an attempt is made to change the state (checked or unchecked), a dialog box is displayed indicating that the Network Teaming and Configuration Utility must be used to bind or unbind the protocol to a network connection.

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
Andrew Wise
Occasional Contributor

Re: UnBind HP Network Config Utility

Just as an update: The latest NIC drivers allow you to force the HP NICs to 1000 FULL without using the HP Network Config Utility. I was able to uninstall the utility and resolve my issue.