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Unab le to update ILO online

Franc van de Westelaken_1
Frequent Advisor

Unab le to update ILO online


I'm unable to update the ILO firmware online. It reports an error during the installation and the following error is logged in the eventlog:

The Compaq iLO Flash Support Driver service failed to start due to the following error:
The system cannot find the path specified.

When I try to update it using the version control agent I get the following error:

Error: Could not Install CPQIFSD.SYS Kernel Driver (errcode=8)

The operation was not successful.

I've tried reinstalling the 7.2 support pack but that doesn't resolve the issue.

Any suggestions ?

Akos Hegedus
Valued Contributor

Re: Unab le to update ILO online

You can update it from the iLO web page. It is simple and it works. You have to download the firmware from HP, expand the image to a local folder, then in the web navigate to Administration/Upgrade iLO Firmware page. Browse to the expanded image, select it and click "Send firmware image".


Re: Unab le to update ILO online

The ILO is not used on the machine so I cannot go to the website for it. Is there a way to still update it when I get the above error
"Could not Install CPQIFSD.SYS Kernel Driver"
Valued Contributor

Re: Unab le to update ILO online

I have a server with the same problem. I have not found any way to do the online update. I had to find another means, such as offline or over the web.