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Unable to PXE boot.

pav sohota
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Unable to PXE boot.


Could someone help. Im trying to rebuild a bl20p via ILO port. My laptop is connected via crossover cable. I'm using remote console to connect to server, this is fine. I can see ip address and drives spinning and when I reboot server. But I get the option for PXE Boot (F12), I,m unable to get response from server. I get message PXE-E5I No DHCP or DHCDProxy offers were received.
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Re: Unable to PXE boot.

Hello pav,

PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received. The client did not receive any valid DHCP, BOOTP or proxyDHCP offers. To resolve this issue, check each of the following network configuration items:
â ¢ DHCP services are not available on the network to which the PXE-enabled NIC is connected.
â ¢ A DHCP proxy or IP helper address is not configured for the subnet on which the PXE client is connected.
â ¢ The switch port connected to the PXE NIC is running Spanning Tree Protocol, EtherChannel Protocol, or Port Aggregation Protocol and is thus not activated immediately when a link is detected. This forces the DHCP request from the PXE client to timeout.
â ¢ DHCP is available on the network, but PXE is not.
â ¢ The network cable is not attached to the PXE-enabled NIC on the target server.

Hope this helps.

Albert Austin
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Re: Unable to PXE boot.


"Could someone help. Im trying to rebuild a bl20p via ILO port. "

From your statement above, I guess you are trying to install OS on your blade.
Where is your OS media located, CD or image?

The reason its always going to PXE is because it cannot find this media.
And the error is because you dont have a DHCP on your laptop, correct?

Firstly change your Boot selection. Change it to First->CD Second->Hardrive...
Next insert OS media in your cd/dvd drive, From Virtual Devices tab open Virtual Media in and choose cd/dvd drive of your laptop.

You should then be able to carry out your installation.

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Re: Unable to PXE boot.

Please make sure that IP address configured in the Laptop and the PXE are in the same range (Subnet)...
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Re: Unable to PXE boot.

Hi Pav,

Gie this a shot :

Update rom to the latest version and then set post delay to 20 Seconds in F10 Setup.

Shutdown and restart and press F12 to boot to the network

Rajashekar Chintakunta
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Re: Unable to PXE boot.

Hello Pav,

As per the query to have posted, I feel that you are trying to do the installation of the blade through ilo. The blade can also be installed using the RDP server, that is when you would boot to PXE.

If there is a DHCP, PXE and RDP Server available then boot to PXE by pressing F12.

Else has Albert Austin has suggested in the ilo goto Vitrual Devices -> Vitrual Media and Enable/Connect the Virtual CD-ROM -> Local Media Drive and than insert the OS CD or the Smart Start CD in the Laptop CD drive and restart the Blade server and it will boot from the CD and you could proceed with the installation.