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Unable to enter BIOS

Milan Blazicek
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Unable to enter BIOS

Hello guys,
I have problem to enter to BIOS on HP server DL360 G7. It is 1U rackmount server and doesn't have PS2 ports. During the boot up phase when invates to press F9=Setup & F11=Boot Menu, my USB keyboard doesn't work until the Windows OS start. How can I get to BIOS? I have same G7 server but 2U version with PS2 ports and it works with ps2 keyboard(usb not). I also reset the CMOS with switch 6 and it doesn't help.
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Re: Unable to enter BIOS


install HP STK ( Scripting Tool Kit).

Under x64 directory , run conrep -s -f conrep.dat  (make file under same dir)

Edit and find BIOS USB line. Change value ( Enabled to Disabled or Viceversa) save overwritting.

run conrep -l -f conrep.dat

Reboot and verify if USB keyboard leave you enter BIOS.