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Unable to expand partition on a DL380 G7

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Unable to expand partition on a DL380 G7



We have a DL 380 G7 with a P410i SMart Array, running Windows 2008 R2 Standard.


Disk set-up as follows:-3 x SAS arrays, the 2nd RAID 5 logical array contains 6 disks. The logical drive size is listed in the HP array config utility as 2.7 TB (6 x 300 GB disks)


In Windows disk management, the 2nd array (Disk 1) is a basic disk. Currently configured as a Q: partition (2041 GB), a P: partition (6.98 GB), and unallocated space (746GB).


I am trying to reconfigure the Q: partition by expanding it to take advantage of the unallocated space. Last night I deleted the P: partition, hoping to be able to see a contiguous block of unallocated space. In disk management, the unallocated space showed up as 2 separate blocks. Right-clicking on both partitions did not produce an option to merge the space. I could only expand the Q: drive to take advantage of the space freed up in the P: partition, not the extra unallocated space.


Any advice on how best to get Windows to see this space as a single block of unallocated space, rather than 2 separate blocks, one of which I can't access, would be much appreciated. I can move the data on the P: partition onto a different disk.



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Re: Unable to expand partition on a DL380 G7

in order to use disk managment, there msutt be unallocated space contiguous behind the partition you plan to extend, otherwise, extend volume will grey out . in this situation, you can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. it supports array. and it is able to merge unallocated sapce into partition.

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