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Unable to power on SL2x170z G6 servers

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Unable to power on SL2x170z G6 servers


I recently took over the management of multiple SL2x170z G6 servers and I am facing a problem when I try to power on some of these servers.  While running with Linux (Scientific Linux 6.7), a server node suddenly went down.  The light of the power button became solid amber.  I tried to power on by pushing the power button but it does not respond at all.  The light stays amber and the server node does not start up.

Another server node on the same SL2x170z server tray is working normally and another server tray in the same 2U chassis is working normally. I can access Lights Out-100 (LO100) via the web interface, ssh CLI, or IPMI but it does not have any System Event Log related to this. LO100 shows the “System Status” is “Normal” and the “Power Status” is OFF.  I can change the “Power Status” to ON by the LO100 commands but the system itself is still OFF.  The monitoring sensor values of the working nodes on the same tray or the same 2U chassis are within the normal conditions.  

I plugged off the power codes from a 2U chassis and plugged in after 15 minutes but it did not change the situation. I guess it is due to some problem on the system board and I will give up if it happens on only a few nodes.  However, the number of servers which have the same trouble is increasing in a short period.  I lost 15 nodes out of 76 nodes (38 trays in 19 chassis) I have in last 8 days.  I would appreciate if you have any suggestions to figure out the problem.

The system had been working for 5 years.  After about one-month shutdown (power off) period, I just started reusing it with newly-installed OS.  Warranty and support contract have been already expired but I want to keep as many nodes as possible because it is still very useful and powerful machine for me.

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Re: Unable to power on SL2x170z G6 servers

Same issue here.

Unable to power on one node on a tray. 3 other nodes inside the same chassis all working.

Upon the power on button press, i can hear a fan power-up (not clear if it is one of the chassis fans) - but not the usual fan power up sequence (RPM spike), the power button remains same yellow color but the health indicators turns green.

I've triend to locate SW2 switch mentioned in the manual without any luck. The problem can be incorrect shutdown of the node and corrupted NVRAM. Apart the J45 ("protected RTC jumber) and reset BMC jumber i have not found anything else I can reset. J45 reset does nothing - same problem remains.

Would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance.