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Unable to set PowerProfile with RedFish

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Unable to set PowerProfile with RedFish


I’m trying to update the HP Power Profile thru Redfish API, although the documentation page says it is possible I’m unable to see those attributes:

curl -k -u user:$PASS IP/redfish/v1/Systems/1/Bios/


    "@odata.context": "/redfish/v1/$metadata#Systems/Members/1/Bios$entity",

    "": "/redfish/v1/Systems/1/Bios/",

    "@odata.type": "#HpBios.1.0.0.HpBios",

    "AutoPowerOn": "RestoreLastState",

    "Id": "Bios",

    "Name": "BIOS",

    "PowerOnDelay": "None",

    "PowerRegulator": "StaticHighPerf",

    "SwapROM": false,

    "TpmOpromMeasuring": "Disabled",

    "TpmState": "NotPresent",

    "Type": "HpBios.1.0.0",

    "links": {

        "self": {

            "href": "/redfish/v1/Systems/1/Bios/"





I need to change the HP Power Profile (which is set to Custom) to “Maximum Performance”. But I can't see this property in there. (/Bios/Settings path is not available)

When trying to PATCH, I’m getting this error: Base.0.10.PropertyUnknown

curl -k -D- -u user:$PASS -X PATCH --data @payload_template_bios.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" https://IP/redfish/v1/Systems/1/Bios/


HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

Cache-Control: no-cache

Content-length: 317

Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 18:29:03 GMT

ETag: W/"586ADDC4"

X-Frame-Options: sameorigin


{"Messages":[{"MessageArgs":["PowerProfile"],"MessageID":"Base.0.10.PropertyUnknown"}],"Type":"ExtendedError.1.0.0","error":{"@Message.ExtendedInfo":[{"MessageArgs":["PowerProfile"],"MessageID":"Base.0.10.PropertyUnknown"}],"code":"iLO.0.10.ExtendedInfo","message":"See @Message.ExtendedInfo for more information."}}






                "PowerProfile": "MaxPerf"





According to the document page, it should be there. Can anyone put some light ?


My environment is:

ProLiant SL4540 Gen8

iLO 4, 2.55


Thank you!


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Re: Unable to set PowerProfile with RedFish

I noticed that this option is not available on Gen8 servers, is there any way to change this value on Gen8 Servers (without login into the BIOS - we got couple of servers to do that) ?