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Unable to update Nic drivers on Proliant DL380


Unable to update Nic drivers on Proliant DL380

I am having a strange problem on 2 DL380 G1 Servers that are running Win 2K, (Also had this on a 380G2 but reloaded and the problem cleared up).
If I try to update the NC31XX fast Ethernet NIC Driver, the Nic stops responding. If I go into the network properties the interface shows up as disabled, and I am unable to re-enable it.
The only fix is to go into device manager and delete the NIC. Then when the server reboots it re-discovers the NICs and works using the original driver.
I have tried updating the driver, by running the PSP, through SIM, and by just downloading the individual driver. In each case the result is the same.
I have also tried updating to 3 different driver versions without success. It is currently only running

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Re: Unable to update Nic drivers on Proliant DL380

Had a similar problem on an ML370 G4 running W2K3.
Solved this by extracting driver from cp and updating the driver via Device Manager.
Drivers are located in ~\windows\inf and named oemX.inf, where X represents a digit.
One of these will be the nic-driver.
In W2K you should be able to rename or delete these files.