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Unable to write to D:\$Mft

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Unable to write to D:\$Mft

Hi All,


I have a HP ProLiant ML150 G5 with 2x500Gb disks configured as a 1Tb logical volume, running WIndows Server 2003


I have 68Gb in the system C: drive and 983 Gb in the D: drive, Oracle is on the D: drive.


The server has been running well over 2 years with no issues.


When I started upgrading Oracle to Oracle10.2.0.3 I rebooted as advised. in the middle of the process.


Now when starting the E200 Intelligent COntroller gives a message about "A new disk drive has been added or a previously failed disk drive has returned to service, F1 toadd the new drive orF2 to accept the data loss and use teh previous configuration.. When I use F2 I can see the D: drive but I get continual errors about unabel to write , Delayed Write to D:$Mft, Windows does not recognise any Oracle binaries on the  D: drive.


Should I reformat the D: drive,rebuild the logical drive or continue to seek a software solution?