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Unattended PSP/SIM Installation - VC agent settings

Elizabeth G
Occasional Visitor

Unattended PSP/SIM Installation - VC agent settings

I am currently working on a RIS deployment. We have SIM set up for monitoring servers in our domain. How do you *silently* install the latest Proliant Support Pack w/ acct/pw information and repository settings for the Version Control agent?

I understand that the server certificate must be copied to the hp\sslshare but this does not seem to configure the VC agent settings. I am aware of the GUI in which one can log into the http://servername:2381 page and configure these settings. However, in a large environment, it becomes time consuming to manually update every server with these settings. There are several installation guides for PSP but I cannot seem to locate a concise answer.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.