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Uncorrectable Memory Error

Adam Orton
Occasional Visitor

Uncorrectable Memory Error

On one of my PL7000 servers we occasionally get Uncorrectable Memory Error (Slot12 Memory Module 1)or (Slot12 Memory Module 2)or (Slot12 Memory Module 3).....
We have replaced all memory, memory board, and system board but still get this error.
We had this on a different PL7000 and eventually had to pull it from production. Looking for a solution. The only thing that this current server had replaced recently was a Smart2DH controller due to the Accelerator batteries going bad. Is there a correlation?
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Uncorrectable Memory Error

Usually when it points to a specific slot it is correct. But abviously not in your case. Please make sure the BIOS, F10 partition and the System Mngmnt Driver and all Agents/drivers are all updated. The reason is that all of these work from a BIOS level. The only thing left to do is to replace the systemboard. There could be a problem with the bus for the memory board.

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