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Understanding my ML310 G4 Raid

Occasional Advisor

Understanding my ML310 G4 Raid

I have a used server, ML 310 G4, with three identical physical drives in slots 0, 1, and 2. At one point of exploring my new server, I physically pulled disk 2 out to get a model number, and then put it back in. None of the drives are showing any problem indication lights.

In Windows Computer Management, I can see Basic Disk 0 and Basic Disk 1. System is appears to be installed on Disk 1, and data on Disk 0. Note I do not see disk 2 at all. The only other drive shown is the CD. One question I have is whether the designations I see in Windows correctly correspond to the slots the physical drives are installed to.

In the boot process, it notes that the Raid is "degraded". In the config utility, if I am reading this right, it shows there is a RAID 1 configuration. Looking at more detail of that, it shows drive 00 as a member, but notes "missing member". If I go into selecting a drive to configure, I can see listed drive 00 and 02, and can only select disk 02. Disk 01 does not show.

What I need a little help confirming what drives are involved with the RAID, and whether the drive numbers in Windows correspond as I think they might.

In the end, I want to have the system disk being the source of the array, but I also want to be careful to preserve at least one copy of the data in the existing array. And I also want to be careful not to blow away the system installation and have to reinstall it.

Sorry if this post seems a little remedial, and thanks in advance.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Understanding my ML310 G4 Raid

OK, don't everybody reply at once... But thanks for whatever thought may have been going into figuring this out. I finally got it. For anybody who is interested, I will post what the situation was...

The machine physically appeared to have three drives - it had three drive trays and I made the assumption there were drives in them. Having worked with this stuff before, it was perplexing to me that it appeared as though it was booting from Drive 1 rather than drive 0, and that 0 and 2 were the Raid 1 array drives.

One thing I did that helped a lot was finding the HP Storage Manager app for this model. Seeing the situation in a GUI, where I could more easily compare to Windows helped a lot.

Another was that I finally grew the gonads to pull the drives one at a time to see what was required to boot.

Here's the part you may get a laugh about: there were really only two drives all along.
Although there was a tray in drive 1, it had no drive in it. The array was set for using 0 and 1, with drive 2 just being a spare. When I pulled drive 2 (after ensuring there was nothing on it I cared about) and put it in drive 1 instead, the array automatically started rebuilding as I knew it should. And I have achieved the result I wanted - to have the system drive backed up in the mirror.

And last, to answer my own question, no, Windows does not necessarily number the drives consistent with the bays they are in...

Again, thanks for whatever help you were considering offering.