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Unplanned server stop

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Unplanned server stop

Hello HP Company
I have a prolific ML310 gen8 v2 hp server that suddenly shuts down.
after observation and different tests I realize that the stop is not related to a concern for food.
when booting the computer does not notify any hardware problems.
more when I'm on windows server I have no critical event in the event observers.
Could you give me some pointers to determine the cause of this unplanned stop.


Re: Unplanned server stop


Have you verified Integrated Management log, If yes please provide the events recorded at the time of server unexpectedly shuts down.

If Integrated Management log does not show any error that could point to a hardware failure, then run Insight Diagnostics test at least 6 loops to to verify server component health.

Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition can run when the computer is started by running the on-board Intelligent Provisioning software embedded on the servers.

With reference to Insight Diagnostics test refer Insight Diagnostics 10.60 User Guide from page number 13 to 34.

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