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Unscheduled Shutdowns

Bicker Karl
Occasional Visitor

Unscheduled Shutdowns

A week ago I installed a new Proliant ML310 G4, 2 GB memory, 2x72GB System Disk (Raid 1), 2x 500GB Data Disk (Raid 1), additional NIC, Windows SBS2003 German, all available Updates.

The system runs, but every day around 7:00 am (+-10 min) I have an (automatic) restart. All eventlogs, as far as applicable, report the restart at that time, but there is no entry in any logs about the reason.

Even stranger: The system eventlog, e.g. this morning, reporting the restart at 7:05, states that there was an unexspected shut down the evening before at 19:43!!!

This means, that the server was down for approx. 11.5 hrs. before the automatic restart. This is supportet by the fact that there are no entries in any logs for that period.

I have no idea and would be very happy about an hint






Re: Unscheduled Shutdowns

I hate to hijack your post but I am trying to find an answer to my question about the ML310 G4 server. I apologize ahead of time since this doesn't pertain to your post.

We have a new Proliatn ML310 G4 as well. Can you tell me if your server beeps twice on POST before it takes you into Windows?

Here is the post about it.

Thank you
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Re: Unscheduled Shutdowns

hi Bicker Karl

what about Proliant Support Pack version that you have?

Firmware? the latest one?

remove any attached device to the server?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Bicker Karl
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Re: Unscheduled Shutdowns

Sorry I have to apologize for opening that thread. The solution sounds like one of the classical support jokes:

I stayed long at the customers site to trace the problem. When the cleaning crew left they told me to cut the power in the office area with the master switch.

This rang a bell and I found out that the set of power sockets contained several "continous power" sockets and (only) one socket connected to the master switch. They are even labeled properly! And of course I connected the server to the switched socket. So every evening the cleaning crew cut the power and the employees in the morning switched on again.

My only excuse is that the sockets are near the ground in a dark corner and I basically connected blind.