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Unxepected system shutdowns Proliant DL380 G4

Stuart MacDonald
Occasional Contributor

Unxepected system shutdowns Proliant DL380 G4

I've been experiencing an unusual system error with one of our Proliant DL380's.

Here are the symtoms:

1. System shuts down unexpectedly
2. System fans are all screaming at high speed
3. All disk driver lights are off
4. ASR reset does not seem to catch this problem and thus the system stays in this state.
5. Insight Manager ILO reports a power failure when the error occurs, and again when we power off the machine to reset the problem.

Server config:
Windows 2003 SP1
All the latest proliant firmware and drivers

The intergrated system log does not record any entries for these events.

Any ideas? I'm going to open the box up today and reseat the DIMMS and Procs and power supplies. If this does not work I guess its time to call for service...
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Unxepected system shutdowns Proliant DL380 G4

Reset all power cables, pull fan assembly and reset sense cable too on the left
Make sure PPM/VRAM are seated correctly, if Possibly swap between two Systems PPM/VRM and Voltage converter piece on the left side. If you don't have second system, swap PPM with places posibly PPM, Converter or SYS Board

no Fiber card in it ? Or else ?
Stuart MacDonald
Occasional Contributor

Re: Unxepected system shutdowns Proliant DL380 G4

I reseated the fans, RAM, processors and Processor power supplies. I also swaped the redundent power supplies.

Upon boot up I got multiple Power supplies not redundent error messages and power supply 2 failure messages. The the system rebooted. I shut the machine down and replaced power supply 2 with a spare.

Now the test will see if it fixes the problem for good.