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Up to date firmware for DL380 series

Jean-Yves Picard
Trusted Contributor

Up to date firmware for DL380 series


Short question:
Where can I find up to date firmware for DL380 ?

Long question:
I am having issue with DL380 (both G4 and G5).
When I connect using ILO, on remote console I have a 'disconnect' black screen or power off screen while host is UP.
I can go physically to host, but I want another solution (computer room is noisy and cold).

As I am installing OS, I have to boot host, but I am unable to access console.

I have downloaded FW8.60 iso I can connect iso to virtual applet, but since i cannot boot hosts ...

I want to use ILO management page to update firwmare (current is 1.60), so where is located firmware file in FW860.2009_0803.38 ISO CD ?

Jean-Yves Picard

Re: Up to date firmware for DL380 series

Hi Jean-Yves

You can the latest FW browsing the server, from the HP Support page. > support and drivers > select the download BFW and drivers bullit.
enetr the sever model name (ei Proliant DL380 G3) in the search filed, and select your OS.
In most cases you will find the latest FW CD. In some cases newer FW, than the FW CD is available. It's possible to get the FW seperate, from there.

For the ILo
You will need the licens for the advanced features.
Ensure you have the minimum required Sun Java installed on you machine.
Clear the browser cache, before opening the Browser.
From the Ilo you got the Virtual power features.
You got virtual power button.
At least that can do a power cylce for you. Might not be nice to the OS.
Remember when OS is running, it behave like the power switch.
Push and release will initiate a nice shutdown
Push and hold will do a dirty shutdown

If you have installed the licens, you can use the virtual media faeture to mount, CD/DVD, FDD and even the ISO image directly, from you workstation.

is this helpfull?


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