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Update BIOS without direct access to USB


Update BIOS without direct access to USB

I am looking for a solution as to how I should upgrade the BIOS on my DL380gen8.


I've downloaded the USB-files, but I can't make a USB and put it in the server directly as it is placed on a remote location...


I've previously downloaded a CD iso that could be mapped through the iLO, but if I use the "make image file" from the USB I create with the HP tool, it creates a 4GB file(because USB is 4GB) and this doesn't work when mounted through iLO.


Is there some other way to update the BIOS than direct attach a USB? We are not using a management tool, I think Insight manager or what it's called can do it, but this requires licensing if I read it correctly.


Re: Update BIOS without direct access to USB



What is the operating system on this server?

If Windows or Linux is installed, you can try the Online ROM Flash Component.


Thank You!
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Re: Update BIOS without direct access to USB

It doesn't make sense to create an USB from the ISO and then create an ISO again from that USB.


Why not using the ISO directly with vMedia?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Update BIOS without direct access to USB



download the SYSTEM ROMPAQ fw upgrade (for your) server : hp homepage -> drivers and support -> drivers


this tool will help you to create a bootable usk key.


the tool will create several subdirectories on your disk.



use the exe-file in the usb subdirectory.


the usb key will be bootable and do the job.


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