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Update Backup ROM on DL365 G5

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Update Backup ROM on DL365 G5

Hello All,


I am having trouble getting the BIOS to update for the backup ROM only. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I've tried the offline approach and online through Linux distribution.


So, I went into the ROM-Based setup util and switched to the backup ROM. I then tried to the offline upgrade through diskette since the ROM is already past the HP Software Update 9.30 version available. HP Firmware 10.10 doesn't work nor does the SPP 2012.10.0 or SPP 2013.02.0. 


So, I've installed CentOS 6.3 and tried the online upgrade. Still same thing. It sees that the BIOS version is 07/17/2009 but will not update it. It says it was successful but still whenever I boot back into the ROM-Based setup util to check it or wait for POST to show it says 07/17/2012.



Any help is much appreciated.



ernst limbrunner
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Re: Update Backup ROM on DL365 G5



if you want to update both roms simply do 2 fw updates in a row WITHOUT switching the roms in rbsu!


the fw update goes to the backup rom automatically and when succesful turns the backup rom into

the active rom.


so doing this twice will update BOTH roms.


have a look at the attachment (it is in german, but the illustration s international)


best regards from germany


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Re: Update Backup ROM on DL365 G5

Thanks for the reply. I will give it a try.  I didn't have the "email me when someone replies" ticked. Also, thanks for the flow chart.

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Re: Update Backup ROM on DL365 G5

Flashing it twice with a USBRompaq worked. I was trying to do it with the firmware CD 10.0 and 9.30. Thanks for your response.