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Update the Proliant Firmware Maintenance CD by self

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Update the Proliant Firmware Maintenance CD by self

Dear all

We would like to upgrade the Rom Update Utility Content with *.scexe Files on the HP Proliant Firmware Maintenance CD for our Technical Engineers. We work with mkisofs and cdrecord to create a CD like the orginal. It works fine and we can boot from the CD, but after the first click on the "Rom Update Utility" button appear the following error: "Connection will be refused on" (or so).

Have anybody tips or maybe a solution? (Sorry for my English:-)
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Re: Update the Proliant Firmware Maintenance CD by self

I am not sure how they wrote the software on the original CD, but I am sure the call for using the "suplemental disk" is to the floppy drive only.

There is a "directory" on the CD where it looks for the "current set" of firmware which I think is the /components/option/CP###### directories. If you add a directory here with the correct SoftPAQ number, I think the "extra" firware will show up in the listing. I bet you have to remove the previos versions from the SoftPAQ directories first for it to work correctly.

There is a directory called supplemental which is "empty". You can try installing/building the .scexe files there.
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