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Updating Disk Firmware

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Updating Disk Firmware

Hello all,

I don't know if someone can help me out, but is there another way for updating the disk firmware than by booting the Firmware Maintenance CD (SmartStart)?

Recently, we got a crashed array (RAID5) only after replacing a defunct drive and some people point out the disk firmware. We have SIM 5.2SP2 with VCRM loaded PSP 7.00A (2003) to the new 8.15A and I can't update the disk.

From there, we tried to update it by booting the server from the CD, but the last version (8.30) dont have all firmware from all the disk model on it.

For example, the "BC072638A2" - 72.8GB 1.6" WU3 10K got updated last, to firmware BDCB (E), in the CD 8.00.

We got 500ish server, with 4 drives minimum in each. Do i really need to gather all the disk Model Number, then apply all the CD... with reboot?

Thx a lot.


Re: Updating Disk Firmware


you can download specified firmware for your disk then create a USB key and use them !


go to: BDCB (E) (18 Jul 2007)




Download this file and save it to a blank diskette or USB key. Make sure to keep the original file name.

Depending on which version of the Firmware Maintenance CD that you are using, please perform the following steps:

  • If using the Firmware Maintenance CD versions 7.20, 7.30, or 7.40, then Boot the server from the Firmware Maintenance CD and use the ROM Update Utility. Select the Maintenance tab on the main screen, and launch the ROM Update Utility.
  • If using the Firmware Maintenance CD 7.50 or later, then Boot the server from the Firmware Maintenance CD and use the HP Firmware Update tab. Click on the Install Firmware link to run HP Smart Update Manager.