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Updating HBA BIOS, FW & Drivers

Honored Contributor

Updating HBA BIOS, FW & Drivers

Hi All,

Server:Proliant ML370 G2
HBA:LP8000 (Emulex)
Array Controller: HSG80 (ACS 8.6)
OS:Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Secure Path: V3.1A (no updates installed)
Server boots off using local system disk, however the data partitions are on the HSG80 controllers.

As a pre-requisite for upgrading the ACS on the HSG 80 array controllers, we need to upgrade the HBA BIOS,FW and drivers on a production Windows 2000 host.

1. Should we use Emulex or HP drivers for the HBA?
2. Any special pre-cautions while updating the HBA drivers like unplug the fibre channel cables, etc?
3. Would there be a need to run a KGPSA driver update utility after installing the Emulex/HP HBA driver?Apparently, this sets the driver parameters correctly and we have followed this procedure in the past as suggested by HP.
4. Would there be a need to run Fibre Channel Multi Bus Switch software after installing the HBA drivers? Apparently, this also has a contribution in setting up the driver parameters correctly.
5. Would the latest HBA drivers from HP/Emulex be supported by Secure Path V3.1A, considering how this is an old version of Secure Path.

Your reponses would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with points asap.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Updating HBA BIOS, FW & Drivers

1) please use the HP drivers. I would say this is a good URL:

2) I never heard about that.

3) I haven't done an update in a while, but I beleive the latest utilities can do both.

4) Sorry, I don't remember that one.

5) No, I don't think so. I am very sure that ACS requires a newer version of Secure Path as well.