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Upgrade CPU(s) in ML350

Michael Hayes_9
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Upgrade CPU(s) in ML350

I want to upgrade a p3 600eb CPU to two new p3 1ghz CPUs. When the new CPUs are installed the server won't boot (won't even start BIOS).When I change back to the old p3 600eb again the server boots fine. Perhaps there are some jumpers on the motherboard which need to be changed. (cannot see any)
Any help greatly appreciated!!!
HP product number is 152843-012
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Re: Upgrade CPU(s) in ML350

If your upgrading from p3 600 to p3 1g you must change System I/O board (1GHz system) (Hp spare part number 216109-001 )Pentium III Processor 1GHz2 ( Hp spare part number 216111-001 )
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Re: Upgrade CPU(s) in ML350

Hi Michael,

Why don't you exchange the 2 X 1Ghz CPU's you purchased for 933Mhz versions which are supported on your system board. The ML350 G1 1Ghz model was different as stated in the earlier reply and even had a slightly different power supply. It would be cheaper to get the supported upgrade processor for your 600-933Mhz model for all the difference that 933Mhz vs 1000Mhz would make.

The correct option part number for the 933Mhz CPU is 161086-B21 however all supported option part numbers can be seen at the following ML350 G1 quickspec link. (SEE OPTIONS)

If you want to try e-bay or somewhere else for the CPU's, the Compaq Spare Part Numbers (For Service Calls etc.) are as follows: -

933Mhz CPU - 196628-001
866Mhz CPU - 187782-001
800Mhz CPU - 187781-001

I hope this helps.