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Upgrade DL360 g5 cpu 5110 to 5420

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Upgrade DL360 g5 cpu 5110 to 5420

Will I need to replace my SB if I upgrade my 5110 CPUs to E5420?

What Quad-Core CPUs could I use without changing my SB?

Re: Upgrade DL360 g5 cpu 5110 to 5420


I understand that you have DL360 G5 with Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor 5110 (1.6 GHz, 65 Watts, 1066 FSB)

You want to upgrade to Quad-Core, Intel Xeon Processor E5420 (2.50-GHz, 1333-MHz FSB, 2x6-MB L2 cache)

DL360 G5 has two system board's one for Dual Core and other for Quad Core.
Dual core system board part# 412199-001
Quad core system board part# 436066-001

If installing, upgrading new Quad Core Processor gives the error "805 Unsupported Processor Detected"

This is by design. Quad Core processors are not supported on Dual Core system boards.


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Michael D Tarpley
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Re: Upgrade DL360 g5 cpu 5110 to 5420

Could you also identify a third SB? I have DL360 G5's with system board number 435949-001 Can this model be upgraded to quad core Intel X54XX series?