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Upgrade G5 system to G7 using RAID

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Upgrade G5 system to G7 using RAID

I currently have a G5 system using RAID Controller P400, running in RAID 1+0. Disks 1 to 4 are the first disk set, and disks 5 to 8 are the mirror.

I have just bought a G7 system which can use the same disks, and some new larger disks.

The G7 includes a P410i RAID Controller which is supposed to be backwards compatible.


What is the easiest/quickest way to get my system running on my new server and disks?




- Frink

Hiroki Watanabe
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Re: Upgrade G5 system to G7 using RAID

How do you use the Universal Restore with in Acronis Backup & Recovery?
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Re: Upgrade G5 system to G7 using RAID



i have upgraded our ML360 G5 (P410 controller) to DL380 G7 (P410i Controller). I removed the two disks (Mirrored Pair) from the G5 server and placed Disk1 in the G7 server. I left Disk2 to the side just in case i have to roll back. The G7 server started up fine, all i had to do was install P401i drivers before removing the disk from the G5 server and the G7 server started up fine.


The problem i have come across is that when trying to restore the mirrored set of disks its not letting me. It will not let me turn the current raid 1 to 0 so i can then insert a new disk and then create raid 1. Can some one help me by advising me on how to remove a missing disk and replace with a new disk?