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Upgrade Hard Disks

Lee Warner
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Upgrade Hard Disks

I have a ProLiant ML370 with 6 36.4 GB drives. I need to upgrade all of them to a larger capacity without reinstalling the OS & data. Is it possible to replace one by one, then expand the logical drive without any loss of data? Any help or advice is welcome, since I have never had to upgrade disks like this before.

Lee Warner
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade Hard Disks


which radi we are working on, Where as answer to you query is yes we can do it. Which controller we have because we can have the option to extend the hdd space and depends upon controller we have.

Post in case of further query

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
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Re: Upgrade Hard Disks

Hello Lee

Which Controller are you using? Are you using a FT RAID; if so in most cases you should be able replace one drive at a time; just make sure that the new drive that you insert rebuilds completely before you remove the next drive. This can be done till all the drives have been replace.

The next thing is the extension of the logical drive in the ACU. Are you running windows 2000? If thatâ s the case Hp supports extension of logical drives in windows 2000 only if the following conditions are met:
- 5th generation controller with up-to-date firmware
- Windows 2000 SP4
- Latest ACU -6.x or above

The next thing is windows itself .If you are running windows 2000, have you implemented dynamic disks. You do need to keep in mind that to span volumes the original volume had to be created on a dynamic disk.;EN-US;225551

The recommended thing to do would be to configure new array with the new drives and restore from backu
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