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Upgrade ILO in DL360 G5

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Upgrade ILO in DL360 G5

I bought some of these cheap to mess around with in my home lab, and for the most part really good for my purposes.  I do have a bit of an issue though in how old the firmware is, but I can't find anything past 2.09 after some extensive shipping.


Is there a firmware upgrade past 2.09 for this system?


Second question, is it possible to upgrade the ILO 2 module to an ILO 3 or 4 module in this system?


-David Bell

Jimmy Vance

Re: Upgrade ILO in DL360 G5

v2.27 is the latest iLO2 firmware


go hear and select your OS

(yes it says G6 but iLO2 is iLO2


You cannot upgrade from one iLO generation to another as the hardware is embedded in the system board

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Re: Upgrade ILO in DL360 G5