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Upgrade firmware - operating system

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Upgrade firmware - operating system

I have Proliant dl380g7. Now there is installed Vmware 5.0 on SD card. I want to uprage ILO3. I'm on remote computer - desktop which run Window 2008r2 and I'm connecting to my proliant ilo via Browser. Which operating system should I choose to download and uprgrade firmware. Vmware (installed on server) or Windows Server 2008r2. (installed and doing uprade from it on desktop)?


(Should we select firmware and operating system to download which is instaled on server or should we select and firmware and operating system which is installed on desktop - but we doing uprade from desktop /connect via browser ilo and upload firmware)


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Re: Upgrade firmware - operating system



For Firmware's it does not matter which OS.

If you can execute the firmware file from VMware then download the file which is compatible with VMware, if not download Windows OS version firmware.


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Re: Upgrade firmware - operating system

Thanks. I've upgraded firmware ilo from xp machnie via web. I've downloaded firmware for windows extracted with 7zip. There was *.bin file which I uploaded to server.

Everything ok.


I was thinking it is important to downloaded the file firmware with operating system which is running on server (in my case vmware esx). But i was wrong.

It is important to download file and extract on machine where we working.


A'm right ?

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Re: Upgrade firmware - operating system

There are many ways to do an upgrade, from the running OS (even remote) or from the ILO directly. From the OS you have several tools to deploy the firmware (HP SUM based, e.g.), from ILO directly you need to use the *.bin file.

Hope this helps!

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