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Upgrade of CPUs in ProLiant 6400R

Andrew Craig
Occasional Visitor

Upgrade of CPUs in ProLiant 6400R

I have a ProLiant 6400r with 2 x XEON 550\100MHz 512 Cache CPUs - does anyone know if it's possible to put faster CPUs in? Say, 4 x XEON 700MHz?

I am just learning about Servers so forgive the stupid question!

Many thanks for any help.
Guy Humphreys
Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrade of CPUs in ProLiant 6400R


According to the HP tech specs it is not possible 550 is the max (see below)

Pentium III Xeonâ ¢ 500 MHz or 550 MHz with 512K, 1M or 2M cache. Support for up to 4 Pentium III processors, upgradeable to future Pentium III Xeonâ ¢ processors; optional redundant processor power modules

What you could do if you could get hold of them is to replace your CPUS with ones with larger L2 cache this can have a very large impact on performance, plus you could also add in another two as this server will go up to 4 procs.

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'
Andrew Craig
Occasional Visitor

Re: Upgrade of CPUs in ProLiant 6400R

good point - I guess the bigger cache would help quite a bit.

I think I read that bit in the manual about 550 being the max but presumably the manual was written when there wasn't anything faster around.