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Upgrade of cluster HAF/200 from NT to 2000

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Andrea Lato
Occasional Advisor

Upgrade of cluster HAF/200 from NT to 2000

I'm currently migrating a HA F/200 Cluster based on 2 DL580R servers and 2 RA4100 Storages from Windows NT to 2000.
When I configure the disks on the storage I have duplicated disk in Windows 2000. I suppose this is due to the lack of the redundancy software... But...
On NT I think I installed the Redundancy Manager for NT. What should I use on W2K? And where can I find it? Is is the Secure Path software? I don't think I have it on the HAF/200 kit which was shipped to me at the time of the old cluster installation (Probably mid 2000).
I cannot proceed with the installation, please help!

Doug de Werd

Re: Upgrade of cluster HAF/200 from NT to 2000

yes you need SecurePath, which replaced Redundancy Manager when Windows 2000 came out.

The specific versions of SecurePath were included in the HA/F200 Cluster Kits, but the RA4100 has been discontinued. The current version of SecurePath (v.4.0c) does not support the RA4100.

You need SecurePath 3.1a, Workgroup Edition, which is an older version. If you got your original SecurePath in an F200 Kit, you may have also received SecurePath 3.1a - they both shipped in the F200 kit for a while.

If you don't have the SecurePath from the kit, you may have to buy it. I think the only way to get 3.1a is to buy an F200 Cluster Kit for RA4100 (part number I think is 380357-B24)

Another alternative for the short term is to run single path. Remove the 2nd HBA from each server and just run single path until you get SecurePath.

You may find some more info here:


Expert in ProLiant Clusters
Andrea Lato
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrade of cluster HAF/200 from NT to 2000

Thanks Doug.
I installed SecurePath3.1 on both nodes, followed by the 3.1 Sp1 installation.
When I start Node 1 everything is fine, but If I turn off node 1 and turn on node 2, this one can't see the controllers correctly and goes to blue screen after a few minutes.
The error is no_more_irp_stacks (but sometimes also driver_irql_not_less_or_equal.
Any idea?